It's not always about being 'Sleepless in Seattle,' as Blake Shelton debuted an itty bit of his new song 'Sunny in Seattle' and offered a behind-the-scenes look at the tune.

While the city of Seattle is known as the rain-drenched capital of the Pacific Northwest, Shelton approached the song, which he calls 'catchy,' with a very specific mindset. The song, which appears on his new album, 'Red River Blue,' due out July 12, is specifically and purposefully meant to sound like classic George Strait.

Shelton says that the song is "throwback to that old George Strait stuff when I heard him the first time and that's exactly how I wanted to record it." He continues, "I wanted to go in there and pretend like I was George Strait for a minute and make one of those old school sounding records he made. I am proud of how it turned out. It's as country as can be, but still new and fresh at the same time."

The snippet of the song that plays in the background indicates that 'Sunny in Seattle' is a mid-tempo love song that uses climate and geography as its main metaphor.

In other Shelton news, the Hollywood Reporter revealed that the singer has signed up for a second season as a coach on 'The Voice.' His team member Dia Frampton was the runner up in the first season, which ended on Wednesday night.

Watch Blake Shelton Open Up About 'Sunny in Seattle'