Blake Shelton debuted his brand-new single, "God's Country," at the 2019 ACM Awards on Sunday night (April 7). The singer and Voice star was glowingly introduced by the show's host, and his longtime friend, Reba McEntire.

"I love this next performer for many reasons," she enthused. "He's charming, funny, handsome, talented, sings like an angel ....and always writes his own introductions. Give it up for my fellow oklahoman and friend, Blake Shelton!"

Shelton then took the stage for the moody composition, backed by ominous footage of natural disasters, which had the audience nodding along solemnly. Shelton's girlfriend, Gwen Stefani, who is ordinarily the picture of vivaciousness, kept a straight face until the very end, when she broke into a glowing smile for her beau.

Songwriter-turned artist Hardy and former Taste of Country RISERS act Devin Dawson, along with tunesmith Jordan Schmidt, co-wrote "God's Country," which Shelton released in late March. At that time, in a press release, Shelton shared that the song "has a strong and deep, meaningful lyric" yet remains open to interpretation.

The Story of Blake Shelton's "God's Country":

"No matter where you are from or where you’re standing, it is my belief that you’re standing in God’s Country," Shelton explains. "It’s really about a state of mind. Wherever you’re from and how you feel about that place."

Shelton says that "God's Country" reminds him of his home state of Oklahoma, but could be just about anywhere. It's the first single from a forthcoming new album, the details of which have yet to be announced.

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