Blake Shelton plays the role of the single guy, searching for love in the upbeat new single from his Bringing Back the Sunshine album. “Gonna” is a pure country love song that describes how he’ll treat the cutie he’s singing to.

Luke Laird and Craig Wiseman wrote “Gonna,” the fourth single from Bringing Back the Sunshine. It’s the most straightforward of the four, relying only on familiar imagery and Shelton’s croon to carry the song. There’s no sly joke or twist. The arrangement doesn’t ooze with sensuality.

“I'm gonna take you for a date / Take you for a ride / Gonna get you over there on the passenger's side / I'm gonna put the radio on your favorite song / I'm gonna crank it on up and get you singing along,” Shelton sings to begin “Gonna.”

Some may recognize a familiar guitar tone from his hit “Neon Lights.” Others may raise an eyebrow at the beat-boxing.

After a catchy chorus or two, Shelton offers the most memorable lyric: “Love you all night long / Till the cricket starts trippin' / Girl I ain't just flirting, I'm certain / I'm working on a long term plan / Gonna be your man / Gonna put a little rock steady on your hand.”

“Gonna” is a song built for radio success. Lyrics fill every breath, breathing energy into every note. If fans didn’t love the risks Shelton took on previous singles from this album, they’ll enjoy this return to Country Main St.

Why Fans Will Love It: "Gonna" is a straightforward Blake Shelton song with no surprises.

Key Lyrics: "Hey, hey, alright / Girl I'm diggin' on hittin' on you tonight / It ain't a maybe, it's hoping I wishing I wanna / It's a damn right, hold you tight, baby I'm gonna"

Did You Know?: While much is made of Shelton's active string of No. 1 hits, he's also strung together 13 (and counting) Gold or Platinum singles.

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