Blake Shelton sang and Julianne Hough "cut footloose" -- to take a few words from the famous lyrics of the movie's title track -- tonight on 'Dancing With the Stars.'

Hough wore jeans, a short-sleeved shirt and a western-style vest as she and her 'Footloose' co-star Kenny Wormack twirled, stomped and two stepped on a dance floor filled with other high-energy hoofers as Shelton, dressed in a brown western shirt and his trademark jeans and boots, belted out the movie's title track.

Although Hough competed in five seasons of the show and won the mirrorball trophy two of those seasons, she admitted to jitters prior to last night's show.

Almost as soon as Hough and Wormack ended their dance, host Tom Bergeron stood next to Hough and prompted her to repeat a conversation they had before the show. When Hough admitted she was nervous, Bergeron had told her she was in "a room full of people who love you." Hough wiped away tears as she repeated the response she gave: "I'm still nervous!"

Not that her performance showed the nerves she felt. Not only did Hough masterfully dance during 'Footloose,' but she also cut a rug to a jive number with older brother and professional choreographer Derek Hough as her dance partner. Dressed in black pants, white button down shirts, and red suspenders, the Hough siblings danced, twirled, and pranced the length of the dance floor.

"That's the happiest I've seen [Julianne] all week," said Bergeron as the Houghs hugged, smiled and fanned their faces to cool down after their dance.

The Hough siblings spent several hours perfecting the dance -- that included some spectacular flips -- before their live performance, Derek Hough, who is a world champion in Latin American dance, told PEOPLE.

The 'Footloose' movie will be shown at theaters starting on October 14. More good news for country fans: The Band Perry will guest on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ at 9PM ET on Tuesday, Oct. 18 on ABC.