Bluke is back, and a heartwarming new video clip from Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan's time together on The Voice reminds fans of the fun the two country stars always bring to a room.

While the clip clocks in at just over a minute, the two singers provide enough comedic relief to last a full day. As expected with Shelton and Bryan, the simple task of complimenting each other went a little too far. Here's how it went down:

Blake Shelton: Pretty eyes.
Luke Bryan: You like my pretty eyes? Your eyes are prettier than mine.
BS: Extremely white teeth.
LB: I like your white beard.
BS: Your butt looks good in your jeans always.
LB: [Winks] I like your throwback boots.

As with Shelton and Bryan, there then were a few backhanded compliments thrown into the mix.

BS: I like your fake Georgia accent.
LB: I like the ladybugs on your arm.
BS: I love the fact that you act like you don't care but you really do care.

Midway through their time complimenting each other, things got a little weird.

BS: I like your muscles. I like your summer body.
LB: I like your little belly.
BS: You do? It's annual. It's year 'round.
LB: I like your life.
BS: I like your 5 o'clock beard shadow.
LB: You can keep going can't you?
BS: Your wife's hot.
LB: I'm cool with him looking at my wife.

Bryan then adds that he likes hearing Shelton walk down the hall in his boots because he always knows it's him that's coming, after which Shelton asks, "Are we getting married right now?"

"Maybe," Bryan says with a big smile before adding, "This can never air, by the way."

Watch the complete clip above. Bryan has acted as a mentor on Shelton's team on The Voice this season on NBC.

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