Blake Shelton may have outraged industry colleagues and diehard traditionalists with his controversial remarks regarding the evolution of country music, but a few of his fellow country stars have rallied behind the current CMA Entertainer of the Year.

Martina McBride was quick to extend to olive branch to Shelton once the 'I'm Gonna Love You Through It' singer caught wind of her friend's dilemma. "Just catching up on this. We all know where your heart is Blake. Love you," McBride told Shelton via Twitter.

Likewise, Chris Young understood the good intentions behind Shelton's comments, and says he is on the same page as the 'Sure Be Cool if You Did' singer. "Love what you meant by your quote buddy," Young expressed to Shelton. "Know how much you love country music history."

Adding to his admiration, Young shared, "Love your music brother and who you are."

Naturally, wife Miranda Lambert is happily supporting her husband through the ordeal. "My husband has taught me so much about country music. He studies it. He loves it. It's his life's work," she wrote on Facebook. "Blake Shelton we all have your back!"

Country legend Ray Price was the first to form a grudge against Shelton publicly. The 87-year-old singer took to his official Facebook page to put Shelton on blast for his supposed anti-traditional sentiments. Shelton's own Facebook fan page has also received a barrage of criticism following the remarks.

But he stands behind his comments, even after a lengthy Twitter apology that praised Price for his contributions to the genre. "What an interesting day," Shelton wrote in one of the last of many heartfelt tweets. "Turns out I have a lot of friends in this industry that refuse to jump on any bandwagon and turn their back on me."

He adds, "And a handful that have no problem doing it...Publicity can make people do and say anything I guess... Oh well. Good news for me is... I don't forget and won't forget."

Shelton made the controversial remarks during a taping of GAC's 'Backstory,' which was filmed before the singer collected his first CMA Entertainer of the Year trophy in November. Despite the setback, Shelton will forge ahead with his ever-rising career in 2013. Season 4 of 'The Voice' is expected to resume in March, and he will then will embark on his Ten Times Crazier Tour in July.

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