Blake Shelton has never been shy when it comes to his drinking habits. The 'Honey Bee' singer, whose sense of humor has almost become as famous as his music, is known for talking about his drunken escapades, especially on Twitter. In this weekend's issue of Parade magazine, Shelton discussed his boozy Twitter posts, his views on same-sex marriage, and what really sold him on joining NBC's 'The Voice.'

Anybody who follows Blake Shelton on Twitter has probably seen a tweet leading off with "I'm so drunk..." or "I'm so hungover..." followed by some outrageous statement about him trying to put batteries in his cat or shouting awkward things in Taco Bell. Speaking to Parade, Shelton explained that although people often misconstrue his Twitter banter, it's all in good fun. "It’s just a way to say something ridiculous. Yeah, I drink a lot,” says Shelton, who prefers to sip on Bacardi rum and Crystal Light, “but I’m not drunk every night."

Even though Shelton brushes off the criticism he receives for his drunk tweets, he did apologize for one tweet he made earlier this year that was perceived as homophobic by some readers. Shelton explained that he never meant to offend anyone and that he supported the gay community. He reiterated this in Parade once again, saying, "Shoot, man, I love everybody! I don’t have time to hate ... I have a life and I want everyone else to have one, too."

Shelton also discussed his role on 'The Voice' a bit. "To me, what makes an artist is a unique personality that they’re not afraid to let show," Shelton said. Even though it's clear Shelton is enjoying his stint on the singing competition, he admits that it wasn't the show's concept that made him want to join -- it was the revolving red chairs the judges sit in. "They’re goofy, but I thought that would be fun, sitting in those big red chairs like you’re the king of the mountain."