Blake Shelton is adding a tasty new line to his resume -- Pizza Hut promoter! The 'My Eyes' singer just announced that he's the face of the popular pizza chain's new line of barbecue pies.

Shelton's love for pizza is not a new thing. According to a tour rider from all the way back in 2010, the country superstar asked for a large pizza to be delivered to his bus after every show. And what kind did he ask for? Pizza Hut, of course! (Meat Lovers or Stuffed Crust Supreme to be exact.) And four years later, his tastes haven't changed much.

"My tour manager always says, 'What do you want?' And I always ask for stuffed crust pizza," the popular coach from NBC's 'The Voice' says. "You don't even have to put a topping on it. When we have a long flight somewhere, I always bring it."

Shelton may like his stuffed crust, but now he's got a new pie to try. True to his Southern roots, he's helping Pizza Hut role out their new line of barbecue pizzas, which include chicken barbecue, Hawaiian barbecue, and Shelton's favorite, smokehouse barbecue.

No wonder smokehouse style is his favorite. Shelton recently told People that barbecue pizza is "literally my heaven."

"I actually built a barbecue smoke house like old times," he says of an addition he made to his Oklahoma home. "It's an actual house with a door on it to smoke things."

With this new line of pizzas from Pizza Hut, maybe Shelton won't have to use that smoke house quite as often to get the food he loves!

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