The new issue of Rolling Stone has just been revealed, and fronting the rock and pop culture mag is none other than Blake Shelton, joined by his fellow celebrity judges from NBC's smash entertainment show 'The Voice.' In jeans and a black button-up, Shelton is a mixture of dapper and Nashville outlaw, with his outdoorsman, barbed wire and deer track tattoo exposed just below his rolled cuff.

Taking the focus of the shot is -- and this is not surprising -- Christina Aguilera with her flowing blonde locks and her arms laced forcefully yet sensually around Shelton and Adam Levine's necks. Levine holds Aguilera in what looks to be as much of a hug as a wrestling hold, and Cee Lo Green smiles characteristically off to the side in his shades.

Bearing the subtitle "The (friendly) battle of the sexes that drives 'The Voice,' TV's most exciting music show," this article preview gives a behind-the-scenes look at the banter among the four judges -- a timely story, since Season 2 of the hit show debuts just after this weekend's Super Bowl. The article's writer suggests that Shelton often bears the weight of hick jokes -- adding, however, that the other judges get jealous of his "cowboy cool."

Speaking to this, Levine points out: "Blake can say anything or do anything. If I was like, 'I'm drunk at 4:00!' I'd be attacked. He's like, 'It's cool, f---- you, I just shot a f----ing moose, kiss my a---!' He can say whatever he wants." Shelton doesn't seem to be too preoccupied with what he can or can't say, though. During the interview, he's busy listening to Young MC's 'Bust a Move' on his iPhone, saying he's been on an '80s kick of late.

Catch the season premiere of 'The Voice' on Sunday, Feb. 5 just after the Super Bowl on NBC.