Blake Shelton knows how to mentor, advise and support aspiring singers. That was evident when his 'The Voice' team member Dia Frampton sailed through the show, ended up as the second runner-up and became a viewer favorite. Shelton, who has been married to fellow country superstar Miranda Lambert since May of this year, also knows a thing or two about nurturing and maintaining a successful relationship.

That's why women's bible Cosmopolitan recruited the 'Honey Bee' singer to offer his tips on how to have a happy romance and to explain how a guy knows "you're the one!" Don't go hooting and hollering at Shelton for appearing in a chick mag; Cosmo often polls male celebs and singers for their perspective on the opposite sex and for relationship advice. Here's some snippets of Shelton's advice, ladies! It appears in the September 2011 issue with Dianna Agron of 'Glee' on the cover.

You have to be BFFs:
"As a man, you want a woman who makes you want to be buddies with her as much as you want to be romantic with her."

You stick to your guns: "That confidence is very attractive."

You chill on his turf:
"Every guy wants the kind of woman who is going to be okay going to a sports bar."

You flaunt your talent: "Men and women should use whatever they've got  to continue to impress the other person."

You don't overtalk:
"No guy wants to hear constant chatter...It's much more attractive to a guy when you're cool and collected."

You bond with his boys:
"I've always liked when a woman can blend in with my friends and not just sit in a corner."

You hang at home:
"The truth is that most guys don't love going out all the time."