It's no shock that Blake Shelton's 'Sure Be Cool if You Did' video takes place at the local watering hole. Shelton makes no bones about his enjoyment of liquid refreshment. But this video and the song aren't about throwing 'em back and having a good time, or partying mindlessly while ignoring the prospect of hangovers. It's more thoughtful and contemplative.

Shelton takes his place at the bar, holding court, with bottles of top shelf liquor behind his head and a glass in his hand. He's partaking, but he's reminiscing while singing.

The narrative is told in flashback sequences -- the scenes have fuzzier visuals, like an Instagram effect on screen. In these scenes, we witness Shelton and a circle of friends having a good time at the bar, enjoying drinks and each other, letting their hair down and dancing -- with a little romance thrown in for good measure.

If you've ever had a good circle of friends that you enjoyed Friday nights with, this video will remind you of 'em. You may not be with them now, and you may not even be sure of where they ended up, but you'll always have those memories close at hand and in your heart. That's what you'll take away from this clip that's both fun and heartfelt at once.

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