Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson have one of the most hilarious rivalries on The Voice, and Season 23 has proven to be no different. She caught her fellow coach in a series of fibs in a hilarious lie detector test on Tuesday night (March 14).

During Tuesday night’s episode, the two superstars shared some playful ribbing after contestant Chloe Abbott’s performance of the Bee Gees' "How Deep Is Your Love."

Abbott’s backstory is quite interesting, as she revealed in a pre-recorded clip that she is a track and field athlete training for the 2024 Olympics.

Delivering remarks after her blind audition, Shelton did his best to try to connect with the hopeful, telling her, “I’ve been training for the U.S. curling team for a couple of years now. So, I just don’t know how different it is for track and field.”

Quick to call out Shelton, Clarkson said, “Is anybody else just sick of Blake lying? A lot of lies come from Blake.”

Clarkson then called on the longtime host of the show, Carson Daly, to wheel out a polygraph test to see whether or not Shelton would tell the truth while she asked him a series of questions.

“Good timing,” Daly joked as he appeared on stand-by to bring the test over to Shelton’s red chair and wrapped a band around the country crooner’s arm to measure his blood pressure.

Abbott, who received a chair turn from Chance the Rapper, took a seat in Clarkson’s chair while the singer took a moment to drill Shelton.

“We need to establish a baseline. So, is your name Blake Shelton?” Clarkson began, to which Shelton replied, “My name is Blake Shelton. Yes.”

The overhead screen then flashed green, letting viewers and the studio audience know Shelton was telling the truth, and he received applause for his honesty.

“Did you block me this season?” Clarkson asked next, with Shelton telling her, “I still don’t think that was me.”

Shelton failed that question. And he failed the one after that, which had Clarkson asking if she was his favorite coach on the show.

"You liar!" Daly exclaimed.

"I’m telling you, this thing doesn’t work,” Shelton said in a panic, giving an excuse as to why he was failing miserably.

Clarkson, of course, let the favorite coach question slide because Shelton’s wife, pop superstar Gwen Stefani, has also coached on the reality TV singing competition.

Before wrapping up the polygraph, Daly got in his question, asking Shelton, “Did Gwen marry you out of sheer pity?”

“Probably, yes,” Shelton answered as the word TRUE, in all caps, spread across the giant screen in front of him.

“I don’t lie. I don’t lie,” Shelton said as Clarkson shimmied her way back to her chair.

Be sure to tune into The Voice Monday and Tuesday nights on NBC.

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