Blake Shelton paired contestants cut from the same cloth together during the battle rounds of 'The Voice' on Monday night. Country singers RaeLynn and Adley Stump faced off early in the episode, and then rockers Brian Fuente and Jordis Unga squared off. At the end of the night, Shelton's team of 12 was trimmed to 10.

Neither battle showed the singers at their best. Nerves played a factor early in RaeLynn's performance of Tom Petty's 'Free Fallin'.' The 17-year-old with the big flower in her hair struggled to find space against the stronger and older Stump. As RaeLynn put it, "She's a powerhouse, I mean I can sing high but I don't belt it like she does."

With help from Miranda Lambert, the young singer gained confidence slowly, though she seemed to discover a pot of gold full of it halfway through the performance. Stump was steady, but Shelton decided he saw more potential in the teenage singer, so he sent his fellow Oklahoman home.

Fuente worked with pop star Kelly Clarkson when it was his time to rock, while Unga teamed with Lambert during rehearsals of 'Ironic' by Alanis Morrissette. “He’s got to step up to the plate and he can’t have one ounce of tenderness," Shelton said of Fuente, "because if he does, she’s gonna win this thing.”

Following their performance, the coach and country singer admitted that neither singer gave their best, letting nerves take over the night. He was looking for a rock star to join his team, and it seemed like he was simply settling when he finally picked Unga. In the end, the emotion he saw in the one time 'Rock Star: INXS' contestant won. Jordis Unga will move on to the viewer voted rounds coming up in a few weeks on 'The Voice.'