Craig Morgan loves to tease his friend Blake Shelton, so it's possible he was the first to tell Shelton that his deer tracks tattoo looked like ladybugs. Not many country men want to be sporting ladybugs on their triceps, so Shelton went back to the tattoo parlor and had the artist add the barbed wire.

Still, Shelton is not a fan of his own body art. "I probably have the crappiest tattoo -- not only in country music -- but maybe the world," the singer says. If he has other tattoos, only wife Miranda Lambert knows about them. Shelton admits he almost made another ink error two years ago. “I thought that last year (2010) would be the biggest year of my career, and thank God I didn’t get ‘2010’ tattooed on my arm, because I would have had to change it to 2011," he tells the Grand Rapids Press. One has to love his impulsiveness.