Blanco Brown can do a little acting, too. The singer and "The Git Up" writer is preparing his debut album Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs for this Friday (Oct. 11), and a new song called "Tn Whiskey" shows some real poetic instincts. Watch the music video during this exclusive Taste of Country premiere.

Brown says he wrote "Tn Whiskey" (officially pronounced "Ten Whiskey") from a female friend's point of few. She was the Tennessee whiskey, while her boyfriend was the champagne, meaning she was a little grittier and hard to take and he was vibrant, bubbly and worth celebrating with.

“The video expresses those angles and having someone that you love and put the time and the effort in to show them that you know, you can complement them but you just need to work on yourself," Brown tells Taste of Country.

In this context, you want to be champagne because the whiskey represents the harder things in life. In this music video he plays that part as the man who did wrong and learns he needs to recalibrate to move forward with the woman he loves. The acting came naturally — Brown did theater in high school and even wrote his senior play.

“It’s a statement piece,” Brown says. “Nothing in this world moves without negatives and positives. We’re negatives and positives. What’s life without a battery? Nothing works!”

"I'm in my mood / Tell me, what can I say / You're a glass of champagne / And I'm just Tennessee whiskey," he sings to start each chorus.

Brown, a Georgia native, recognizes that whiskey and champagne don't mix — that's the point of the song and the video. He describes this new, self-written song from Honeysuckle & Lightning Bugs as "hot and cold" or "light and dark," and he knows what side he's on in life and love.

“I’m definitely champagne, man,” he says, laughing.

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