'American Idol' is off and running, and contestant Brandy Neelly took a cue from country star Hunter Hayes to seal her golden ticket, performing a cover of 'Wanted' during Wednesday's (Jan. 22) Detroit auditions.

This isn't the first time Neelly has been in front of 'Idol' judges. The hopeful also auditioned for Seasons 11 and 12, but will make it to the Top 31 this go round, according to these Season 13 spoilers.

Neelly's glamorous red lipstick, sleek blonde hair and tall brown boots helped pay tribute to her love of country music. The 19-year-old Louisville native sang with the confidence of someone who has been onstage her whole life, throwing herself into an emotional rendition of Hayes' hit song.

As she finished the last note, country's representative Keith Urban gave her a rousing round of applause, as Jennifer Lopez exclaimed, "Very pretty!"

"I loved it," admitted Urban. "I love your voice, that was a good song for you to do. I liked that you did something current, you played to all your strengths, I liked that you took your time with it -- I really loved it."

Lopez said she thought Neelly's voice had "a bit of a nasally quality to it," and Harry Connick, Jr. seemed to agree. "I heard it as kind of a guttural thing back in your throat, and it's one of those things where there have been extremely well-known singers who have had that quality," he said, concluding that he "really enjoyed it."

After Urban gave Neelly an enthusiastic "yes," Connick again remarked on her vocal tone, saying he wouldn't try to correct it, while Lopez disagreed, saying she would.

In the end the judges, agreed on one thing: they want to hear Brandy Neelly sing again. As she exited the stage, the actor turned to the other judges, telling them, "What a fine girl she would be!"

Added Urban with a bit of comedic humor, "What a fine wife she would be!"