Brett Eldredge's new single 'Don't Ya' has everything that country music fans love: a little twang, a great storyline and the hint of a love story. Keeping with the theme of the song, the three-minute video shows Eldredge playing awesome guitar riffs and making eyes at a pretty girl across a crowded party.

The 'Don't Ya' video kicks off like most music videos -- Eldredge is sitting down, strumming the opening chords of the song on his acoustic guitar. Before he even starts singing the first words of the tune, the video pans across a crowded party and shows the country crooner taking notice of a pretty brunette on the other side of the room.

Eldredge is standing with a group of guys, and as he starts singing about a girl who has cut off her jeans just at the right spot, a girl in short denim cutoffs smiles at him. She nods her head, motioning him to follow her, but before viewers see where she takes him, the clip cuts to a shot of Eldredge singing 'Don't Ya' for an audience of partygoers.

As the song and video progress, the country singer and his new love interest can't take their eyes off of each other. For more than a minute, the video teases viewers with shots of Eldredge following her through the party... but we still can't see where they go.

Eventually, the dark stranger climbs the stairs and leads the country boy into a smaller section of the shindig. A group of people playing poker look at him as he walks into the room, but suddenly, the object of his affection is nowhere to be seen. Fast camera work cuts between shots of Eldredge singing, the brunette beckoning him and the country singer trying to follow his girl.

Finally, the two lovers end up in alone in a bedroom, and the clip ends with them sharing a kiss.

This plot-heavy video is the perfect accompaniment to 'Don't Ya.' As the video gains airtime, it will surely increase Eldredge's number of fans. But then again, once the country singer hits the road with Taylor Swift on her Red Tour, he probably won't need much help increasing his fanbase.