Brett Eldredge is serious about keeping off social media. The "Gabrielle" singer says he went from a smart phone to a flip phone to distance himself from the digital world. Now back on a smart phone, he's making sure old habits don't creep back like kudzu.

Talking to Taste of Country Nights, Eldredge admits to having what are essentially parental controls on his phone that only his management team can unlock. He's allowed one hour every day, that's it.

"I had him set a passcode and then they don’t tell me the passcode and I can't get on it," Eldredge says. "I recommend it to everybody. You get your sanity back. At first it’s weird, but then it works."

It's a difficult time to digitally distance. Eldredge is very close to his family, but has only seen his mother, brother and sister-in-law from a distance, although they FaceTime often. It's clear he misses them, but he's doing his best to enjoy this bonus time. He's even started to learn to play piano.

"Gabrielle" is the first song from Eldredge's upcoming Sunday Drive album (July 10), recorded in Chicago (Fun fact: Chicago Cubs manager and Eldredge friend David Ross was the first to hear it). The piano-led vocal is based on a true story, although he's not sure if the girl — real name not Gabrielle — has heard it. If she has and she decides to text or call, he'll be waiting, though she better call early in the day. By mid-afternoon, he could quite literally be out of time.

Listen to Brett Eldredge's Interview With Taste of Country Nights

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