Brett Eldredge is getting into livestream concerts in a big way on Thursday night (July 30). The singer has partnered with his hometown Chicago Theater to look deep into his new Sunday Drive album between clips of him performing some of the 12 songs.

Sunday Drive was released earlier this month, to critical acclaim. The introspective project comes after a lengthy spell away from social media to find his true artist self. Songs like "Gabrielle" and the title track are where you should begin exploring the new album, which is sonically quite different from the four he's released previously.

Chase has also signed on as a partner for a livestream, available through all parties' Facebook and YouTube channels starting at 8PM ET. The recorded performances were filmed in a studio in Nashville, while interview and behind the scenes footage was captured elsewhere. Originally the show was set to be a live show from the Chicago Theater, but due to the pandemic, plans changed.

The 34-year-old Eldredge says he first heard the title track of his new album a decade ago and never forgot about it.

"I was just praying I wouldn't turn on the radio one day and hear that song. It’s selfish, but in a great way," he shared with ToC Nights in July. He recorded the remainder of the album in Chicago and kept the project somewhat secret, not wanting anything to be taken out of context. The response has been overwhelmingly positive from his fans.

"It's the most passion I’ve ever had from my fans for an album," Eldredge says.

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