There's still room on the dial for Bucky Covington's husky southern accent. The Rockingham, N.C. born and raised singer has released 'I Wanna Be That Feeling,' the debut single from an upcoming record on Entertainment One Music Group.

While the song is nothing like the soulful, country sound he said he'd been honing in recent months, it's still distinguishable enough to attract attention. Covington has always had the one quality that aspiring musicians hope for: an unmistakable voice. This song is humble and a little clunky but perfectly memorable.

"You're cruising through that parking lot with a couple friends hanging out the top / And you remember how it felt being young, wild, crazy," Covington sings in the first verse before beginning the chorus. "I wanna be that feeling / I wanna be that wind blowing through your hair / When life is like your favorite song / And those summer days went on and on / And it felt like you could do no wrong / I wanna be that feeling."

The 34-year-old has always chosen songs that the layman can understand, and 'I Wanna Be That Feeling' may be criticized as being too generic and cliche. Covington has never found it necessary to record songs that confuse his listeners just to prove his artistry to critics, however. Sometimes familiar words are the best option.

Listen to Bucky Covington's 'I Wanna Be That Feeling'