The Cadillac Three's 'Party Like You' video finds a fun-loving guy having a little too much fun. Despite his hard partying ways, the band members get the girls in the end.

It seems like the Cadillac Three never turn down a good party (especially one in the south), but they also manage to never be those guys. In the 'Party Like You' video, "that" guy steals a silver Trans Am, hot-wires the engine, finds a glove compartment stash of cash and parties hard. That is, until the next day. It's safe to say he gets what's coming for him!

Meanwhile, the band plays a high-level performance in front of a few pretty ladies. The guy spends the video trying to impress the women with his wild ways, but they end up right where they belong: with the Cadillac Three!

"He's the guy that comes and does too much partying and tries to take the girls — but we end up with the girls," Jaren Johnston tells Rolling Stone Country. They wrote the song with their dream girl in mind. "Every guy when they go out, whether they're a douchebag or a normal good guy, they want to meet that girl. They think they're going to meet that girl -- and you never do. And it definitely ain't going to happen for the dude in that video."

The video looks just as much fun as the boys had while filming it.

"We basically just drank beer all day long and they filmed it. It was like a day in the life of the Cadillac Three,” Johnston says. ”[The video has] all of those elements of debauchery from a crazy night, all these little subplots that don’t make sense … And us filming it [in East Nashville] where I grew up running around as a kid was pretty perfect."

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