Cale Dodds' debut single "Take You Back" is at country radio now, and the nostalgic ballad has the Warner Music Nashville recording artist looking back on an old flame.

Co-written by Dodds, Zach Abend and Corey Crowder, Dodds sings about bumping into an ex at a bar. He's wondering if they said goodbye too soon, so he tells her that he'd gladly take her back if she was interested.

"If it was up to me and you wanted to / I'd take you back to when I was the guy that was with you," Dodds croons alongside delicate percussion and memorable guitar parts.

"Take You Back" is a feel-good song with a catchy melody and soaring production, and you can't help but root for him.

“I woke up with the melody for ‘Take You Back’ in my head years ago,” Dodds says in a press release. “I love that it will end up being my first country radio single because it’s a testament to my co-writers and the process we went through together to finish this song. I’m grateful for the chance to share that process, my vision and my story on radio tour. I’ve been dreaming of this opportunity since I moved to Nashville, and there’s no team I’d rather be heading out on the road representing than WMN."

Did You Know?: Dodds recently released a stripped-down version of "Take You Back," which highlights the song's lyrics and moving storyline.

Cale Dodds' "Take You Back" Lyrics:

Girl, it's so good to see ya / Crazy, I can't believe you're / In the same bar at the same time as me tonight / Let me buy you a drink, catch me up on life, like / How's your mom? Does she still ask about me? / And do your friends say you're better off without me? / Well, how about you? If it was up to me and you wanted to


I'd take you back to when I was the guy that was with you / Back to the nights that we'd always end up / Back in the backseat kissing in your driveway / If I had it my way / I'd take you back to the back row, miss the whole movie / You're the only thing I was watching / 'Cause we couldn't stop it, so why did we stop it / If we've still got it, you don't gotta ask / I'd take you back / I'd take you back / I'd take you back

It looks like you're single / No diamond on your finger / If you ain't waitin' for someone / Then I'll be that someone like I used to be / 'Cause just for tonight it's alright with me


I'd take you back to that goodbye / And trade it for a good time / Tell me have you ever thought 'bout picking up where we left off? / If you have, then I'd take you back


I'd take you back / I'd take you back

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