Artist on the rise Cale Dodds is gearing up to release a brand new EP, and fans can get a sneak peek with his teaser trailer featuring two of the upcoming tunes.

The montage shows Dodds enjoying the tailgate life and performing on his AT&T Country Deep Tour — back when warmer weather was in the forecast — hanging out with friends and fans while the first song, “Acting Our Age,” kicks in. A mid-tempo anthem about living while you’re young, the song is a high-energy declaration laced with power chords and reverberating drums. Dodds seems to live out the song’s message in the clips, enjoying time with people and playing music.

“Acting Our Age” then shifts into another song titled “People Watching.” A clever twist on the usual meaning of the phrase, the song is about the excitement of a new relationship and the unashamed feeling of flaunting it when people happen to be watching. The upbeat, catchy tune is sure to be one current and future fans of Dodds will love.

The Georgia native singer has been turning heads in country music after opening for artists like Sam Hunt, Brett Eldredge and Billy Currington. Most recently, he toured with Canaan Smith, and his song “Drunk Dial,” recorded by A Thousand Horses, has become a Top 25 hit. His first EP, Wild and Reckless, was released in 2014, and he has since signed with Warner Chappell Publishing in Nashville.

Dodds’ new EP does not yet have an official release date, but is slated to drop in late February. Check out the teaser above to hear clips from the two new tracks.

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