Cam is using the success of her No. 1 single "Burning House" for good. The singer made a donation to the Johnson family after learning of their family's tragic home fire in Buffalo, N.Y., that took the life of Demetrius Thomas Johnson Sr. following his rescue of each of his three children and fiancée.

The singer-songwriter celebrated her No. 1 song "Burning House" on Tuesday (March 1), and Avenue Bank made a donation on Cam's behalf benefitting Red Cross disaster relief. Additionally, Cam has joined the 2Steps2Minutes Home Fire Awareness Campaign, a program that aims to save lives from home fires.

"It is an honor for me to team up with the Red Cross and help spread the important message of 2Steps2Minutes Home Fire Awareness Campaign," Cam says. "After performing 'Burning House' at my shows, fans have shared with me unfortunate stories of loved ones they lost to home fires. Although the inspiration behind this song I wrote was based on a dream I had, I want to help others prevent a nightmare from happening in their own homes. Each year, home fires cause more injuries and deaths than all domestic disasters combined. It's a terrible statistic that I know we can change."

As a result, Cam will be featured in an upcoming Red Cross PSA to raise awareness for the 2Steps2Minutes initiative and the two steps to being fire safe: practice your 2-minute fire drill with your family and check your smoke alarms monthly to ensure they are working properly.

"Tragedies like the one in Buffalo happen far too often in this country, but we can change that," said Neal Litvack, chief marketing officer for the Red Cross, in a press release. "Thanks to artists like Cam, we can spread the word that fire drills aren't just for school, so check your smoke alarm and make sure everyone can get out in two minutes."

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