If you're ever lucky enough to step foot inside Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher's home, don't expect to see many of the 'Good Girl' singer's accolades. Underwood is beyond appreciative of the dozens of awards and plaques that she's received in the years since being crowned the winner of 'American Idol,' but she doesn't like to show them off.

"Everything is loved and appreciated, but it would be a big mess if I hung everything up on my walls," she reveals with a laugh. "People would walk into my house and be like, 'Man, she likes herself a lot!'"

So, what exactly was she do with them?

"I have everything cataloged and we have a space that we get to put all my tour wardrobe and stuff that I've worn on award shows and things that we get to keep," Underwood explains. "We keep it all safe where it can remain loved and appreciated. But I'm not a narcissistic person."

The singer's proud mother, on the other hand, has no shame in displaying her daughter's prizes for all to see. "Mom will take stuff occasionally," Underwood says. "I send them plaques and stuff, too. They like to hang them up."

Chances are, the 'Blown Away' hitmaker will undoubtedly have a few more trophies to add to the collection come November, when the 2012 CMA Awards take place. See the full list of nominees here.