Carrie Underwood is rich. She is famous. She is talented. She is gorgeous. She is one of the most beloved current country stars. But despite all of that, she isn't that much different than many of us in that she relies heavily on her smartphone and counts her calories by using apps to help her do just that.

While many of us play games on our iPhones or Androids, Underwood doesn't waste time with those apps. She uses those designed to serve a purpose.

"It's all, like, healthy-living stuff," the 'See You Again' singer admitted about what's on her phone. "I use my Livestrong app a lot. I'm a calorie counter; I have been for, like, seven years. I keep a food journal, and it has all my foods in it."

Underwood is also addicted to her Whole Foods app and employs it to find the nearest outpost when on the road, since a girl can't live without her Whole Foods eats.

"When we're traveling, I have to look up Whole Foods. I love the grocery store," she said.

We love a woman with priorities and clearly, Underwood is dedicated to eating right! She can teach a lesson on how to "smartly" use smarphone apps.