Carrie Underwood stopped by the set of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' today to share some stories about her marriage -- including her husband's shopping addiction. The singer stepped out looking beautiful as usual, wearing a light blue satin dress with her signature blond curls. During the interview, Underwood also discussed her performance with Steven Tyler at the ACM Awards and her new movie 'Soul Surfer.'

Ellen first asked Underwood about how her marriage to hockey player Mike Fisher was going. "It comes with it's own wonderfulness and challenges ... We got married, he went back to Canada, I went back to Nashville. Then he got traded to Nashville, and he came, and he brought all this crap with him, " Underwood explained, laughing. "He's not a hoarder, but he's close, maybe? He's just like, 'Babe, I need more room in the closet,' and my heart just sinks. He'll keep like shirts and stuff, and I'll go through it and I'm like, 'You know you online shop' -- he loves to shop."

Underwood then interrupted herself, saying, "He's gonna kill me." However, she didn't let this stop her rant, as she continued, "He has stuff come in and I'm like, 'This is not going out fast enough. If you bring stuff in, stuff needs to go out. Do we need this shirt? It's got a giant stain on the sleeve. Are we gonna wear this again?'"

If that doesn't sound bad enough, apparently Mr. Fisher has no method to his madness, since his "hoarding" is not organized in the slightest. "It’s everywhere. I know he would say I'm too controlling and I nag at him to get his stuff put up or something ... I'm trying to compromise," Underwood told Degeneres. "Before we got married, I redid my closet, so it's complete girl space, just with enough room for my stuff. So then when he comes in, I cleaned him spaces out and all that good stuff. [Our spaces are] probably close to equal. Man clothes just take up so much more space than women clothes. His jeans are like massive."

Underwood also spoke about her performance with Steven Tyler at April 3's ACM Awards, and even joked about their almost-kiss (refer to picture No. 14 here!), saying, "And we made out. Not really!" Underwood spoke humbly about her performance with Tyler, saying, "That was so much fun. We knew we'd play and have fun, 'cause it's such a fun atmosphere being out there, and he's just absolutely amazing. He's just this rock god the second he [gets] on the stage."

The 'Songs Like This' singer also spoke about her role in the upcoming flick 'Soul Surfer,' which is about shark attack victim/pro surfer Bethany Hamilton. Although Underwood loves the movie, she wasn't as enthusiastic during filming. "I was there [in Hawaii] a week, and part of my part in the movie is when we went to Thailand. So they like staged Thailand in Hawaii. We were there on the beach. It was freezing, though. They were like, 'It's never this cold!' And I was like, 'Yeah, of course not. Only when we are filming.'"

As for Hamilton herself, Underwood had nothing but positive things to say: "She’s so strong and fun to be around. She just wants to surf. Even when we were filming ... she's just a monster out there, amazing." However, Underwood herself won't be picking up a surfboard any time soon, as she admits, "I'm not even a good swimmer!"

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