In Carrie Underwood's 'Songs Like This,' the singer once again channels her vengeful side as she finds herself having to deal with another cheating, good-for-nothing boyfriend. The popular song is featured on Underwood's third studio album, 'Play On,' and was written by Marty Dodson, Jerry Flowers, and Tom Shapiro, who have penned songs for Nashville stars like Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban and Sara Evans.

Unlike her other massive hit about bad boyfriends, 'Before He Cheats,' the melody to 'Songs Like This' is up-tempo and dance-inducing. The song begins with a stripped-down beat, featuring banjo plucking and a chorus of hand claps. The sound then takes a different turn as angry guitar chords come into play. As Underwood reaches the chorus, the song takes on a richer country-pop sound with steel guitar and vocals that make you want to do your best two-step.

"And if it wasn't for guys like you, there wouldn't be songs like this / And if you hadn't gone and done me wrong, I wouldn't go off like this / Yeah, even I'm surprised how easy sweet revenge rolls off my lips / If it wasn't for guys like you, there wouldn't be songs like this," Underwood sings in the 'Songs Like This' refrain.

As the song reaches the second verse, Underwood continues her wonderfully catchy rant about what sounds to be the worst boyfriend of all time. "Broke my TV, pawned my guitar / After maxing out my credit cards / You lied much too much, and you lied again / Caught you on the couch with my best friend," she sings with a vindictive gusto.

Carrie Underwood, who recently celebrated her 28th birthday, is nominated for an ACM Award for the Top Female Vocalist of the Year. She will also be performing at the awards show, which airs this Sunday, April 3, on CBS.

Listen to Carrie Underwood, 'Songs Like This'

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