It's a cultural rite of passage for most young men entering the dating scene to have a little fear of their date's father, and most guys have likely experienced the "What are your intentions with my daughter?" encounter when meeting a protective pop for the first time. Carrie Underwood's dad took things to the extreme when her first date showed up.

In a recent chat with WSOC in which she discusses her first date ever, the newly-married Underwood -- who is wed to hockey player Mike Fisher -- reveals that her dad elected to clean his shotguns when her date arrived.

"I was 16 and I was going out on a date with a guy that was a bit older and he might have been 18," Underwood recounts. "He came in, and my dad actually had gotten out his shotguns earlier to start cleaning them. I don't know why he decided to clean them right before my first date, but he did. Mom made him put them up, though."

The date was all downhill from there – perhaps because Pa Underwood put the fear of God in this young man?

Underwood continues, "He didn't put much thought into it. We just went to the mall and we were going to watch a movie, but I was 16 and couldn't get into rated-R movies. We ended up watching this horrible movie and we left halfway through and he took me home and that was that. It was not a great first dating experience."

Something tells us it was a wee bit worse for her date.