Prior to taking home a handful of blue Fender Telecasters at the 2011 American Country Awards on Monday night, Carrie Underwood chatted with Fox about the holidays and the traditions she has with hubby Mike Fisher. Actually, she talked about the traditions she doesn't have with Fisher.

"We're not a big tradition kind of family, and Mike and I can't seem to be, either, because of his hockey madness around the holidays," Underwood said. "It's not like we can be in a certain place at a certain time on Christmas." Fisher's Nashville Predators don't play on Christmas or Christmas Eve this year, but they do have a home game on Dec. 26 to prepare for.

New Year's Eve is, in many ways, a more special holiday for the couple, Underwood explained. "Mike and I's first date was actually on New Year's Eve," she says. "That was our first date, first kiss. 'Five, four, three, two, one, happy New Year's! Smooch, smooch.' It's kind of our unofficial anniversary."

She also told Fox that she met with her team to talk about her new album prior to the awards show but didn't reveal many details. She doesn't know when it will be released, but she is confident fans will like the songs she's chosen.

Watch Carrie Underwood Talk About Her First Kiss With Mike Fisher

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