He was cute ... and maybe a little young for her. He had soft skin and facial hair. Truthfully, the subject of Carrie Underwood's first television kiss isn't for everyone, but she seemed to enjoy it when she made her acting debut on this day (March 1) in 2010. 

Underwood's cameo was on 'How I Met Your Mother.' She played Tiffany, a pharmaceutical representative who hooks Ted into thinking she's into him, when really she just wants to get back with her boyfriend. Ted doesn't score a smooch, but the little pig he gives her does. Yes, it was a tiny piglet that hit it off with Underwood. Go ahead and watch for yourself.

Throughout the episode, Barney imagines Underwood's character in different hot girl outfits -- as a nurse, cavewoman and stewardess. Her acting is sharp -- even good enough to land her a role in 'Soul Surfer' one year later.

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