Celebrity scents are all the rage, with many starlets slapping their name on bottles of perfume, appearing in print ads and hawking them mercilessly. Some are even intrinsically involved in the creation process and work in the labs when choosing accords and notes. It's certainly another way to brand oneself in addition to being an incredibly profitable revenue stream. Taylor Swift has done it, but don't expect Carrie Underwood to hop on that bandwagon anytime soon. The 'Good Girl' singer has turned her nose up at the notion of creating a scent -- and with good reason.

"I really don’t know if I would do the whole fragrance thing cause I don’t want to smell like anybody else," Underwood reasoned to Country Vibe. She also thinks that the market is saturated at this point, saying, "You go to like the Walgreens or whatever and you just see everybody. So that one’s not quite for me."

The blonde songstress also claimed that if someone walked up to her and smelled like her, she'd be weirded out.

Even though she has nixed a line of fragrances as part of her brand portfolio, Underwood certainly perks up over the idea of developing her own apparel line, since well-made and well-fitting clothes are key in boosting the confidence of the person who is wearing them, a feeling she's experienced herself. The singer said, “I would love to do that for other people too and create things that people would like to wear.”

We'd love to see a line of Carrie Underwood-branded clothing, wouldn't you?

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