Carrie Underwood just offered up a sneak peek behind the curtain of her 'Good Girl' music video, which the star released this week to an expectant crowd. Speaking of the video, which features a dark, exotic Carrie and a frilly, pretty-in-pink Carrie, the singer says it's not about a bad girl and a good girl so much as an innocent girl and her more experienced self.

“I’m sure we’ve all been this girl before who just believes the best in the man that she’s with, no matter what, even when people are like, ‘What’s wrong with you?’" she says in the clip. "We kind of tried to take the story of dual personalities. One is good and one is knowledgeable. The good girl look is achieved by just really sweet outfits – still very high fashion. We’re not like taking a geeky stance on things and making her ugly like they do in the movies and then all of a sudden she’s gorgeous when you take her glasses off.”

The 'good' Carrie does wear thick glasses as she stares starry-eyed into the distance in several clips. The other, more knowledgeable Carrie wears more sensual and striking clothes, donning black and sequins to convey that she's got a little life behind her. And while she's often wearing a darker palette, Underwood isn't about to throw her on the dark side.

“I don’t want to call her the bad girl because she’s not bad," she explains. "She’s not trying to get the good girl to do anything bad. She’s just trying to give her some knowledge and say, ‘Wake up. Open up your eyes and see this guy for what he is.’ It’s kind of, you know, the knowledgeable part of yourself trying to tell the innocent, who believes the best in everybody kind of self what’s really going on.”

So the seemingly bad girl is actually the one offering the good girl a bit of helpful advice. It's a pretty interesting take on a common theme, and of course, whether clad in black or pink, Underwood looks stunning throughout the entire video.

Watch Carrie Underwood Behind the Scenes of Her 'Good Girl' Music Video