Carrie Underwood's husband, Mike Fisher has always enjoyed outdoorsy lifestyle, but the former hockey pro took things to the next level recently by trying his hand — er, hands — at catfish noodling.

Noodling, for the uninitiated, is the act of catching catfish with one's bare hands. During their spawn (typically in the early part of the summer), catfish either dig out or find an existing hole underwater to create a safe place where the female can lay their eggs and the male can guard them. A noodling fisherman will seek out these holes and insert a hand into them, baiting the fish to bite them in defense. Once latched, the noodler will wrestle the fish out of the water, ideally hooking his or her hands onto the fish's gills.

"Hard to beat fresh catfish!!" Fisher writes in the caption of his post on social media, which demonstrates the sheer physical strength it takes to catch a catfish in this manner.

Noodling is not without its dangers: The method has caused everything from surface wounds from the catfish themselves to more dangerous injuries from the snapping turtles, alligators snakes and more that could be hiding in what a noodler could mistakenly identify as a catfish hole. The dangers involved have led to noodling being outlawed in many states, though it's legal in Tennessee, where Underwood and Fisher live.

While the former Nashville Predators star's enthusiasm for outdoorsy pursuits is well documented, his country superstar wife is no slouch, either. The couple have previously shared that spending time outdoors is one of the ways in which they stay connected, especially during the quality time they spend as a couple away from their two sons, Jacob and Isaiah.

In fact, when it comes to fishing, Underwood can give her husband a run for his money. During the summer of 2020, Fisher shared a post that proved that his wife catches bigger fish than he does! "I catch more, too," the country superstar playfully added in the comments.

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