Julie Andrews' most famous role is that of Maria in the 1965 film version of 'The Sound of Music.' The character was iconic for the English songstress. So how does Andrews, who received an Oscar nomination for her performance, feel about Carrie Underwood taking over the role in the upcoming live NBC adaptation of the story?

She approves, heartily so, giving her blessing.

The singer graciously and supportively said, "I think she's great. It's going to be the original show, I believe, and I think after 40 or 50 years, it's probably time somebody else had a crack at it."

That endorsement certainly has to put an ear-to-ear grin on Underwood's lovely face. Since the character is so closely associated with Andrews, it's got to be good to know that the singer and actress is firmly in her corner.

The live, three-hour broadcast is scheduled for Dec. 5 on NBC. 'True Blood' star Stephen Moyer has been cast opposite Underwood, who moved to New York City to further prep for the special and has been working hard on learning lines, as George von Trapp.

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