Carrie Underwood is a true crowd pleaser who really loves her fans! At the Louisville, Kentucky stop of her Blown Away Tour on Saturday (Sept. 22), the singer noticed a young fan holding up a sign, which asked, "Will you be my first kiss?" With a pitch like that, how could she ignore it? Never one to disappoint, Underwood invited the boy -- named Chase -- to the stage and gave him a big ol' smooch.

When she brought him onstage, he revealed that he was only 12, and Underwood said he had a head start on her, since she had her first kiss at 14. She joked that her hockey husband Mike Fisher was somewhere in the building and might come looking for him later after she planted one on him. Too cute, right?

"How are we going to do this?," Underwood asked, to which the savvy Chase replied, "Lip to lip!" He sounds like a pro already. Underwood called him smart and told him to close his eyes before she planted a smooch on his pucker.

Chase will probably be the most popular kid at his school as this video makes the rounds. Not many 12-year-olds can lay claim to having a country superstar like Carrie Underwood be their first kiss.

Watch Carrie Underwood Kiss a 12-Year-Old Fan

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