It's no secret that Carrie Underwood has some of the best legs in country music. But perfectly toned legs don't come naturally, and the superstar works hard to keep hers in tip-top shape.

Though, Underwood doesn't do all the hard work on her own. According to Glamour, the singer calls in her favorite trainer, Erin Oprea, to help whip her legs and thighs into shape. The two have been working out together for a long time, and it shows if you look at the 'See You Again' singer's legs.

Want to get Underwood-like legs? You'll have to start with everyone's not-so-favorite workouts ... squats and lunges. The star is a fan of squats to lunges -- she does 15 reps of these before moving on to something else. The blonde also adds 15 reps of the lateral lunge into her leg workout. She adds a twist to the common lateral lunge by adding one 5- to 15-pound weight.

For a more intense squat, Underwood hits the stairs! She positions herself on one stair then lowers down into the squat position and jumps before landing back into the squatting position on the next step. Talk about a workout! Did you reach the top of your staircase? Just walk back down to the bottom and start all over again, because that's how you'll get Carrie Underwood's legs.

For the next more unique squat, head to your kitchen. Find a hip-high countertop and hold on. Spread your legs and stand as high on your tiptoes as you possibly can. Start lowering yourself into a wide leg squat while still on your toes, then pull yourself up about an inch and then pull down about an inch. Underwood calls these leg killers the "pulsing sumo squat," and she does them a whopping 40 times before standing upright.

She's not afraid of skater hops to get her limbs ready for short dresses -- she does these for about a minute. Underwood also likes to bust out a Bosu ball for her workout. She squats with one leg on the Bosu ball before jumping and repeating with the next leg for 30 seconds.

Last but not least, Underwood mixes in cherry pickers with up to a 25-pound kettlebell. She spreads her legs but keeps her knees from being too upright. When she bends her knees, she keeps her back flat as she starts to lower the kettlebell in her hands towards the ground.

If you start working on these eight leg-focused workout moves, you'll have your stems ready for spring weather and short skirts in no time!