Carrie Underwood's 'Little Toy Guns' video carries the same powerful a message as the song. The clip shows a little girl who is trying to mentally remove herself from hearing her parents' constant fighting.

'Little Toy Guns' reminds us how children hear, and understand, more than most adults think. Parents yelling and screaming impacts young ears -- and minds -- in a big way, which Underwood makes clear in her new video. The singer premiered the clip on Facebook, writing "as a special thanks for all of your support over the years I want you to be the first to see my brand new video for 'Little Toy Guns!'"

The video begins with clouds of smoke and parents yelling in the background. "What more do you want from me?" the man asks. "I want you to be here," the woman responds, the shouting intensifying with each comment. The camera then pans to a little girl who is cowering in her closet, trying to muffle the sound of shouting.

As she has the imagination of a child, the little girl transports herself to a magical field, where she finds Underwood, who is singing the song. Eventually, she comes across her dad tied to a tree, his head hanging low. She unties him and they walk hand in hand until they come across the mom. The three have a moment, holding each other's hands.

It's the little girl who is the hero of this powerful story with a significant message.

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