It's no secret that Carrie Underwood is one of country music's best female vocalists out there right now. Fans, media and peers all feel the same, which Underwood is humbled by. However, after recently hearing that kind of praise from the lips of legendary icon Loretta Lynn, the superstar was a bit baffled.

"She is absolutely amazing," gushes Underwood when speaking of Lynn. "She's always been nothing but really, really sweet and nice and awesome to me. To hear somebody that you respect so much, say something so nice -- and she's done it before -- but every time I feel so very appreciative and special that she even knows my name and has heard what I do and likes it [laughs]! It's very flattering. I'm very, very honored."

Underwood certainly holds Lynn, who has been setting the bar for female country singers for decades, in the utmost high regard. Do we smell the potential talk of a collaboration between Underwood and Lynn some time in the future? We can only hope!