Before her show-stopping performance at Stagecoach last week, the luminous Carrie Underwood chatted with KFROG about how she had nothing to do with her hockey husband Mike Fisher's trade from the Ottawa Senators to the Nashville Predators.

As The Predators were battling the Vancouver Canucks in the playoffs, someone pulled a stunt at a game, dressing a cardboard Carrie cutout in a Canucks jersey. "Oh I don't care," Underwood said about that fan-committed sacrilege, revealing that her mom mentioned that incident to her. She continued, "I feel bad sometimes. I feel like he does his thing, I do my thing. When he got traded, it was 'Carrie Underwood's husband moves to Nashville,' but he worked so hard to make a name for himself and what he does is completely opposite of what I do."

While it certainly is convenient for Fisher to be playing for a team that is located in the same city in which his wife does most of her business, she insists she had nothing to do with him being traded. It sounds like Mrs. Fisher has had to make this argument more than once! Don't worry -- we believe you, Carrie!

Underwood did bring herself to espouse the virtues of Stagecoach, which is California's country fest, saying that she loves outdoor fests because "you can camp out, you can be in the sun, enjoy life and enjoy great music in a positive atmosphere."

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