Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher channeled their Olympic spirit and had a soaring competition on the beach recently. Although they both brought their best efforts, one of them definitely walked away with the gold medal.

The 'American Idol' winner posted two videos of her and her hubby on Instagram, showing off their best attempts at Olympic-style leaps off of giant rocks on a tropical beach.

It's safe to say that there was an unfair advantage starting out, since Fisher is a professional athlete as a NHL player with the Nashville Predators. However, Underwood is  physically fit as well -- she gets in good cardio workouts onstage and even has her own home gym to keep in shape.

But while Underwood may have won in the looks competition, sporting a bikini and flirty cover-up during her Olympic trial, she struggled at the end of her jump, crash-landing in the sand. Her head jerked forward a bit, but she laughed it off, seemingly unhurt.

Fisher, wearing a blue bathing suit, black T-shirt and baseball cap, was a little jerky and flailed around in the air, but he managed to land on his feet -- something his wife wasn't able to accomplish. And then, to cap it off, he stuck the landing.

Although the 'See You Again' singer may not be Olympic-ready, she's won the equivalent of five gold medals in music -- her gleaming Grammy Awards!

Fans looking to see Underwood in person soon can find her at the first-ever iHeart Radio Country Festival on March 29 in Austin, Texas.

Watch Mike Fisher's Olympic Landing