'Nashville' has given some much-deserved press to Music City since its premiere earlier this year, but Carrie Underwood insists that the drama in the tension-filled plot lines of the new ABC series are not really an accurate representation of the country music industry.

"I hope people don't think it's all backstabbing and everybody sleeping with everybody else. That's really not [the case], at least to my knowledge," the soft-spoken country superstar reveals (quote via Country Weekly). "There might be all kinds of stuff going on that I don't know about, but not in my world. People really are pretty open and friendly and normal."

"I hope they don't think all the ladies of country music are that scandalous, because I promise you, we're not," Underwood adds with a laugh.

Ironically enough, 'Nashville' star Hayden Panettiere has gone on the record to admit that her character is based off of the 'incredibly interesting' Underwood, but the similarities between the 'Blown Away' singer and the fictional Juliette Barnes don't run as deep as some may think.

“She’s one of those girls that doesn’t do the whole dancing-around-choreography thing but has that stage presence like no other,” says Panettiere, who borrowed some performance pointers from Underwood. “She can just stand there and be incredibly interesting.”

Given the actress' catty behavior as Barnes on the popular television show, it's safe to assume that any resemblance to country music darling Carrie Underwood ends with their shared charismatic onstage presence.

Nashville may not harbor as many crooked industry professionals as the show portrays, but capital of Tennessee is home to a bevy of exquisite eateries which are featured -- some of which Underwood frequents. The 'Two Black Cadillacs' singer is thankful for the notoriety the show gives Nashville's local economy.

"I love watching the show because I'm like, 'I eat there,'" Underwood confesses. "I feel like the show represents our town really well."