The Nashville Predators have made it to the National Hockey League playoffs, and Carrie Underwood is giving them all her support! The country singer is married to Mike Fisher, the center for the team, and she supported him in the cutest way.

Game one for the Predators in the playoffs took place in Music City, and Underwood knew she had to be there for her hubby. She didn't just show up ready to cheer, she rocked Preds gear from head to toe and looked like the cutest hockey fan we've ever seen! Underwood shared her support in an Instagram post with a caption that read, "Lets. Do. This." And clearly, she meant it!

In the IG pic, Underwood's beautiful blonde hair is nice and wavy under a Nashville Predators hat — she's holding the cap's bill and kissing, clearly excited for the game. She's covering her eyes with sunglasses that read "Preds" across the lenses. That's not all she's got on to support Fisher, though. She's also wearing a long-sleeved Predators jersey. Even though we can't actually see the back, we can guess whose number she's sporting for game one. Even though she's mainly covered up in blue and yellow, Underwood's makeup and nails are on point. She's still stunning even under all that gear.

Despite the fact that Underwood probably showed her fang fingers in game one for the Preds, it wasn't enough to help the Nashville team get a W. They fell to the Chicago Blackhawks on Wednesday night (April 15), but hopefully they can pull out a win during the second game Friday night (April 17).

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