It's happening -- emotions are starting to get the better of pregnant Carrie Underwood. She reveals that she's had at least two meltdowns since being with child that husband Mike Fisher did not know how to deal with.

The first is likely familiar to many mothers. "It was the day I was like 'I no longer can wear my clothes anymore,'" the 'Something in the Water' singer said during a press conference prior to the 2014 CMA Awards.

“So he came in and I was, like, crying in the closet and he was like, ‘What is happening?’”

The second came when Underwood and Fisher decided to get her a new car. The star's current car is the first she bought on her own. It's five years old and ... well, the bond between a country girl and her first set of wheels is strong.

“When we went to the dealership just to browse … I started crying," Underwood shares. "He was like ‘Oh, what happened? You were fine five minutes ago.’”

"I was like (impersonating her emotional caterwaul) ‘I just started thinking about my car, sitting over in the used car section. There’s gonna be a stranger driving my car and I don’t know how I feel about that,’” she recalls.

So, the car is going to live with some friends.

Along with Brad Paisley, Underwood hosted the 2014 CMA Awards in Nashville on Wednesday night (Nov. 5). Fans tuned in to see the bump, and while she's been somewhat reserved in showing it off, the songstress did open up about how she want's her birth to go -- or maybe more specifically how she doesn't want it to go. Like, what if Fisher is on the road with his hockey team, the Nashville Predators?

“He won’t be, I’ve threatened him," she says, maybe joking. "Threat-ened!”

If he is gone, would she ask for Paisley to be her substitute birth coach? “I would have a child by myself, completely alone,” Underwood assures.

Underwood and Fisher are expecting their first baby in the spring. It was 'spilled' during the CMA Awards that it's a boy, and they're probably not really naming him Garth.

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