Carrie Underwood's new 'See You Again' music video packs the type of imagery that can make even the most stoic viewer tear up with pure emotion. 

Underwood looks positively ethereal in the clip, donning a flowing white dress and her long hair fanning out around her face. In every shot, she's bathed in golden, glowing light. However, the focus of the video is on various people experiencing joyful reunions, heartbreaking goodbyes, graduations and losses.

Several times throughout the 'See You Again' video, military personnel are joined with their family in tearful, ecstatic embraces. There's also a touching segment on the Sandy Hook tragedy and the tornado aftermath in Underwood's home state of Oklahoma. It's clear that the 'Two Black Cadillacs' singer and her team put a whole lot of heart and soul into creating this piece.

The video creatively uses imagery regarding death, loss, life and love, whether it's through a religious baptism, a tombstone, funeral program, or a couple wrapped in an embrace. The songstress' powerful vocals carry the song, along with the backup choir, and it all orchestrates into a beautiful, touching, deeply impactful video.

Underwood will perform 'See You Again' the 2013 CMT Music Awards, along with two dozen members of Nashville’s Christ Church choir. It is her heartfelt way of paying tribute to the deceased Oklahoma tornado victims.

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