While Carrie Underwood is a vocal legend in her own right, she's no Stevie Wonder. Or Smokey Robinson, for that matter. Still, the pair of soulful legends invited the 'American Idol' winner to the stage to perform an impromptu number alongside them at the 2011 Ella Awards, which impressed the crowd and the iconic artists.

In the video below, watch as Underwood, Robinson and Wonder -- as well as Natalie Cole and soul singer Jon B. -- wing it on a song, each swaying and swinging their arms when not singing. The crowd -- likely not huge country music fans -- whooped and hollered when Underwood took her turn at the mic, clearly impressed that her vocal ability could stand up to the big names she was surrounded by.

The 2011 Ella Awards took place on Sept. 19 Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, marking the 20th annual event.

Watch Carrie Underwood Perform With Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson

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