Carrie Underwood has released a spooky promo for the music video for the next single off of her award-winning 'Blown Away' album. Timed to hit the airwaves on Black Friday, appropriately, the country singer's 'Two Black Cadillacs' trailer won't exactly put you in the mood to fight crowds for rock-bottom deals or deck the halls for Christmas.

The clip starts out with a shot of Underwood walking toward a vintage black Cadillac. Meanwhile, another woman is driving through a cemetery on her way to a funeral in a different Cadillac. Underwood just happens to be standing at the grave plot, too. The trailer also gives viewers a glimpse of her sitting in a car at the edge of a lake, meeting up with a man in a back alley and looking caught like a deer in a Cadillac's headlights.

If you've listened to 'Two Black Cadillacs' (and we know you have), you know that the song is about two women who loved the same man. But when his wife and his mistress find out that he is lying to both of them about where his loyalties lie, they take matters into his own hands. Judging by this video clip, they run him down with a Cadillac to teach him a lesson in the end.

We're not sure exactly what the full 'Two Black Cadillacs' video will entail, but this 60-second trailer has us thirsting for more. Unfortunately, Underwood's fans will have to wait until January to see it.