Carrie Underwood gets behind the wheel (or does she?) in her dramatic new 'Two Black Cadillacs' video. It's a cinematic thrill ride for five minutes, with Underwood in the driver's seat, leaving you wondering about her intentions and her actions.

The video is based loosely on Stephen King's 'Christine' novel, which is about a car with a mind of its own. Underwood said in a preview on 'Entertainment Tonight' that she would not move forward with that concept without King's blessing. He "signed off" on the idea, and Underwood was good to go. She did him proud, since the video has nebulous -- but nefarious -- overtones that make us think the singer's character in the clip is anything but a 'Good Girl.'

The country-singing starlet revs her engine and looks like a badass in heels, smoky eye makeup, and a black outfit with a fierce stare.

She's no speed demon in her classic black muscle car. She's actually slow and deliberate as she cruises. The plot footage follows the lyrical narrative -- there's a burial in a cemetery, with a pair of veil-covered widows and scenes of a young man running for his life, tailed by Carrie's car.

About four minutes in, the music fades out and the car driven by Underwood nearly mows the man down. A piano melody is all you hear, and Underwood is waltzing through the cemetery. She doesn't seem quite so innocent as her eyes interact with the women in the black veils.

It turns into a noir'ish mini movie as the busted grill on the Cadi fixes itself and drives away… on its own. The ending is way creepy.

Is Carrie Underwood real? Is she the driver? You're left with more questions than answers, and her 'Two Black Cadillacs' video is beyond open to interpretation.