California hip-hop/country group Moonshine Bandits have released a new single called 'Super Goggles' that might describe your weekend. The edgy new song pushes the boundaries of country music, but delivers a lyric that will sound great at the club this weekend.

"What'd you do, what'd you do bartender what'd you do to my bottle / This was a room full of two's now they all look like super models," they sing during the song's chorus.

The Moonshine Bandits are Dusty Dahlgren and Brett Brooks. Their 'Whiskey and Women' album features Colt Ford, Danny Boone of Rehab and members of the Kottonmouth Kings.

"Take it from me / Take it for the team / 48, she looks 18 / Her body gyrates, create a scene / Or I might just be seeing things," they add.

Average Joes recording artist Shannon Houchins joins Moonshine Bandits on 'Super Goggles.' "It's like a whole new world when I look into my super goggles / My super goggles," Moonshine Bandits sing. The song hits iTunes on Monday morning, but you can listen to it first exclusively on Taste of Country.

Listen to Moonshine Bandits, 'Super Goggles'