Chase Bryant's new song, 'Take It on Back' hits on some of the most classic themes in country music, in a totally new way. This country newcomer has found a way to combine classic country and modern rock to create a song that sounds just like something that will make fans want to instantly roll down their windows and blast from their car stereo.

This is Bryant's debut single, and he's certainly busting in with a bang. It's a song about love that may only last the summer, but will live on forever in a song that combines crashing guitars, heavy drums, and a strong vocal performance from this 21-year-old Texan. Like so many country hits before it, 'Take It on Back' is about that ever-elusive summer love -- the kind that only lasts for a few months, but is immortalized for years to come.

"She was a south Georgia stunner / hotter than hell in July / We tasted heaven that summer / Then said goodbye and I don't know why / We parked down by the river / Steamed up them windows real good / Wish I could go back and see her / Lord you know I would if I could," he sings.

And when summer love didn't last, Bryant wasn't ready for it. His vocal delivery speaks to the longing of the lyrics, but with an edge of knowing that there's still love out there. He's missing the "best I ever had," but something in his voice tells us that in the end, he will find love again.

Songs about summer love that couldn't last aren't anything new in country music. But if the theme is classic country, Bryant kicks it up a notch (or ten) with a strong rock 'n roll feel that you won't find on most traditional songs. 'Take It on Back' stays firmly in the family thanks to Bryant's voice, which hits just the right twangy notes, but the backing beat is much more hard rock than anything you would normally hear on country radio. In short, Bryant has found a great blend of traditional and modern country that fans are sure to love.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Take It on Back' could easily be a sad, brokenhearted song about love that didn't last, but it doesn't. The catchy chorus and rocking sound will have fans listening on repeat.

Key Lyrics: "Take it on back / Take it on back / Take it on back to where the grass was greener / Take it on back / Take it on back / Back to when she and me were true believers / Lovin' all the things that come with / moonshine kisses, man I miss it / Take it on back / Take it on back / Back to the best I ever had / Take it on back."

Did You Know?: Bryant may be a newcomer to the country music scene, but he's got some relatives who can show him a thing or two. His grandfather played piano for Roy Orbison and Waylon Jennings.

Listen to Chase Bryant, 'Take It on Back'

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